Receive, embrace, transform

We clean out our mental closets and receive, embrace and transform our old dusty ways. In our continuing series on “Why we use drugs and alcohol to feel good” in this podcast we receive, embrace and transform our old ways into new ways. Yes you can teach an old Bodhisattva new tricks.

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15 thoughts on “Receive, embrace, transform

  1. Hello Robert,

    Good to hear from you again and glad to hear you are in a process of overcoming a difficult situation.

    I’m also facing a situation that I find unfair and difficult to accept but I realize that stopping the inner suffering is up to me. I must overcome the primal combative response, with all it’s blaming and escaping through substances, and replace it by acceptance of things as they are in order to transform the suffering. I know; easier said than done.

    Meditation is for me the equivalent of your «alchemy lab» and is what I use to accomplish this transformation. Of course, regular practice increases
    the chances of success in finding balance and inner peace. I’m also a fan of Thich Nhat Hanh whose teachings have helped me alot.

    Thank you for the efforts you put into maintaining this site and the podcats.

    My best to you and your family,

    Montreal, Canada

  2. Welcome back Robert, it’s good to hear a new podcast from you. To hear of the struggles of someone further along the path than myself is actually very helpful. I look forward to future podcasts from you.

  3. Thank you all for your heartfelt messages…I’m happy to be back and of service in some humble-stumble way.

    Much Love!


  4. Hi Robert,

    I was so pleased to see/hear you back with the podcast! & glad that you are coming out of your cave & coming back to yourself.It is really hard isnt it? when we feel like that we become so impatient & frustrated , so desperate to be out of the darkness. It seems to me that we must face everything,accept everything & go through those clouds & dark places because the longer we resist , the longer we fight & push them away the longer it takes for us come through them and feel the sunshine on our faces again.However hard it is we have to face up to whatever it is eventually, to deal with it, overcome our pain & be free.
    Like many others I have had periods of depression in my life & I am SO greatful that I have found meditation, Buddhist teachings & your podcasts which all help me to access my inner strengths & develop my potential.It has changed my life.
    The healing process maybe slow, we may find ourselves taking a few backward steps , but once you begin walking on that path you can only really go forwards.

    Great to have you back Robert, I hope you dont need to be away from us so long again & I look forward to your next podcast. We can all help each other maybe in some small way-after all we are all in this together !!:-]


  5. Hello Robert, it’s so good to hear from you again. Every day I start with re-listening one of your podcasts. This last podcast means a lot to me. I have however a question about it. You go from receive to embrace. But I was waiting a bit for the transforming. I understand what you are trying to explain. But I don’t know how I can transform that what I have received and embraced. Maybe I have misunderstood what you mean by transforming.
    Lots of love,


  6. Hello Ilsle,

    I will be going into embracing in the next podcast, then we will move on to transforming part in the podcast that comes next. I’m happy the podcasts are helping you on your path. Please stay tuned for more on receive, embrace and transform.

    in service


  7. welcome back – missed the podcasts and wondered if you were out in the wilderness. Glad you have managed to give up sugar. Quite encouraged that we ALL struggle from time to time, and like the idea of embracing black periods.
    Sublime acoustic guitar to close with – who is it?

  8. Hi Robert, I thoroughly enjoy and respect your words of wisdom. A day without your podcast is a day without joy and peace. Thanks for sharing yourself with all of us. I don’t want to miss anything.
    Lynne in PA

  9. HI Phil,

    I really could use a trip into the wilderness…soon. “Embrace the darkside Luke” The guitarist is Lloyd Williams from th U.K. He is in a band called Autumn Red.

  10. Hi Robert,

    I am SOOOO glad to hear your voice again. I missed listening to you. I am getting myself through a 6 month depression period and it’s so unlike me – or so I thought. and I was mad at myself for a long time that I was in this state of mind – trying desperately to climb out. Ate my way through everything, gained 25 pounds, couldn’t walk for 4 months (bad back pain) and left a bad (get this – YOGA STUDIO!!) job.

    You might find yourself if you talk and do a podcast even when you are depressed that it might help you and everyone here — I love listening to you and I always feel SOOO inspired after listening, like I can go on with life and it’s going to be okay.

    THANK YOU FOR THE INSPIRATION!!! You keep me focused when I’m working, and I want to hear more!!

    with peace,


  11. Hi Lisa,

    I’m very happy that the podcasts uplift and inspire you and I’m also very happy that I can help in anyway. Thank you very much for the inspires me!

    in service


  12. I love that Ghandi story. When where in that place of depression we can forget about that, or those, about us that can be a source of solace in our lives. This is illustrated beautifully by Anthony De Mello in his book Walking on Water. It’s an old Jewish story:

    “There’s the story of a man who one day ran to his Rabbi and said, “Rabbi,you have to help me! My house is hell! We live in one room, my wife, my children, my in-laws and me. It’s hell. There’s not enough room for all of us.”
    The Rabbi smiled and said, “Okay, I’ll help you, but you have to promise to do whatever I say”
    And the man said, “I promise, I promise. It’s a solemn promise!”
    The Rabbi said, “How many animals do you have?”
    The man said, “A cow, a goat and six chickens.”
    The Rabbi said, “Put the animals in the room and come back in a week.” The man did not believe what he was hearing, but he had promised. Then he went back home depressed and brought the animals into the room. The next week he went back to the Rabbi discouraged and said, “I’m going crazy. I’m going to have a stroke! You have to do something…”
    And the Rabbi said, “Go back home and put the animals outside. Come back and see me in a week.” The man went running back to his house. And when he came back to the Rabbi the next week his eyes were shining and he said, “Rabbi, the house is a wonder, so clean. It’s paradise!”


  13. Hi Robert,

    I’m a little behind and just listened to this podcast. As we speak I am actually in a very deep dark cave (to use your phrasing) of my own right now. I’ve been listening to your podcasts for a while now and they have been so helpful. It’s nice to know that I’m not to alone when I descend to these dark places. I can’t thank you enough for your willingness to share your own experiences and way with words. It means so much to me and it does help, helps me see the light at the end of the tunnel. Don’t ever doubt you are making an impact. :)

    Thank you,

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