Again with the me, mine and I

Does it ever stop? That is the question I guess that all of us have. So what’s the answer? Let’s take another look at how the nasty little ego attacks, attacks attacks!

2 thoughts on “Again with the me, mine and I

  1. Hi Robert,

    I am a recent listener to your podcasts & find them truly uplifting,thought provoking & inspiring! So a big thank you to you!
    Have you ever covered the subject of helping people with serious illnessess cope with frustration,depression & many difficulties that they/we face? I hope that if not, you could devote a podcast to this as I’m sure it would help many poeple.My husband,Dad & I all suffer with various conditions & could do with some inspiration so we can further help ourselves.
    Thank you,

  2. Hi Alison and family,

    Is there anyway you could send me a picture of your family and a more detailed explanation to your ailments.

    In service,


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