Dogs, breathing and a little bit about me.


It’s been awhile since I recorded in the studio so I thought it would be a nice idea for us to do a little relaxation and breathing. (I know I could us some) In this podcast I talk a little bit about me and my past, so if you’ve been wondering who that man is behind the green curtain this podcats gives you a little peek. We also go into empathy, understanding and being non-judgemental I don’t know about the rest of you but I need to be reminded of this just about constantly in my work.

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2 thoughts on “Dogs, breathing and a little bit about me.

  1. Robert-

    What a wonderful Podcast. You are advancing for me what it means to be an American Buddhist. Your insight into practice on an mountaintop (easier) and in a crowed city with daily stress (harder) is clear and true. Thank you.

  2. I really hope you will podcast your classes. I only discovered you recently Robert, and I have listened to each of your podcasts from the beginning – one or two each day. I feel so relaxed and really sense a shift in my consciousness as I listen to your insightful words. I am eager to hear more from you. Thank you so much for this gift which you are giving freely. Bless you.

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