Breaking habits part 2

Do you want to break a habit? Have you tried everything then finally given up in frustration? If you have an open mind and you are in earnest listen to the latest A Quiet Mind podcast. In this new podcast we look at ancient concepts of unity and the use of subtle life force energies to bring about lasting change through allowing, accepting and seeing with clarity our goal.

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2 thoughts on “Breaking habits part 2

  1. Hi Robert

    Just to say thank you for starting this series I appreciate your focus on this topic as I struggle with bad habits throughout my 42 years of living and over the past year or so your podcasts have really helped me to acknowledge this struggle as a part of my journey. Your podcasts are a real help to me and I have passed your link on to others who have also been helped by your straightforward, consistent and accepting approach

    Kind regards


  2. Hi Andy,

    I’m very happy to be of service to you and the people you have recommended the podcast to.This is a wonderful place for me to learn more about the “Small Self” and it’s patterns. There will be more to come on breaking habits. This topic is also very close to my heart:)


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