Inner Critic

Let’s face up to the whining inner critic that tells us…”No, I don’t wanna do it and ya can’t make me!” Let’s stick up to our inner bullies and reclaim our lives! Say yes to a life without the nagging mind members of your inner board room dictating how you are to think, feel and live!

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3 thoughts on “Inner Critic

  1. Hi Robert,

    this “inner critic” as you call it is big problem to me. I’m facing with it every day, it’s like a little child, crying, wanting this, wanting that, never happy. It’s taking a lot of my energy, it’s hard to deal with it, but wathing it really helps. The thing is that sometimes I see it but I want to shut it up, run away, I can’t live with myself, with “it”, I’m tired, I just want to sleep so that I wouldn’t have to listen to it, it’s huge pain. And right now when I’m writing this I realize that acceptance is the answer.
    All that is so simple but I’m making it so hard!

    Thank you Robert, one more time, for being with us!

  2. Hi Kristijan,

    Happy to be here for you.

    Hang it there! You are doing great! What a beautiful realization…just accept what is so and breeeeeeeeeeaaaaathe…

    (little mind is making it hard. you are fine)


  3. Hallo Robert,
    I’m happy with your podcasts and they, most of the time, give me a quiet mind indeed. Since a couple of months I’m having serious troubles with my health, really serious and after I had the diagnosis last week, which is really bad, I’m still waiting for a treatment which will be heavy. While listening to your podcasts, about accepting for example, I feel better but many times, especially in the late evening I feel very afraid. All that feeling is a projection of something that maybe happen in the future or may not happen at all and I know you talk about the now, that there is only the now but that is so hard to feel if I am alone at night because I know so many things must be done by the doctors soon. It is all going so fast. If I could only have a way to relax more and quiet my mind more easy…
    For what I learned from you: THANK YOU!
    I go on whith listening!
    August from Holland.

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