Materialism: Why?

Why do we constantly feel the need to have more in our lives? Why do we go from one desire to the next, never feeling fulfilled no matter what we have in our lives and no matter what we do? What is the void we feel that needs to be filled with more, better different? Do you ever ask your self these questions, do you ever wonder what that void is inside of you that can’t be filled no matter how hard you try. These questions and more will be answered in the next series of podcasts about materialism and how to overcome our attachment to things, wants, needs and desires. In this series I will address the origins of desire, want and need. I will uncover the “small self” and identify its modes of deception. I will show how the small self desperately needs things to identify with itself in order to feel alive and in control of the show. Believe me, It will stop at nothing to keep you from finding out the truth about it and true happiness. We will uncover its secrets of deception and diminish its control over us by using new tools and quieting our mind. Listen to the first podcast of the series now: Materialism, why?

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