Thinking is ok

Why do we need to meditate? What good does it do us to sit and be quiet? Meditating helps us to concentrate, focus and observe ourselves in an impartial and very focused way. This allows us to observe how we react to all situations and circumstances that arise in our daily lives without judgment and condemning. This impartiality allows us to create a very gentle and relaxed metamorphosis.

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5 thoughts on “Thinking is ok

  1. Hi Robert
    Walking the pathway with you is a great help, each podcast comes when it is needed. Your work is heartfelt and true. I recommend your podcasts to many.

  2. Awesome podcasts – there is no other word to describe the tonality, character and realness of it.

  3. Your work has been helping me to focus and use more of my heart in daily situations.

    Thank you very much for making this available.

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