Death and dying

We must accept our own demise and over come our fear of death. If we are living with a fear of death and dying , we are not living fully in the now. We must make peace with our fear of death and our moment up unto our death. We must dye daily in our lives to over come our fears so that we can fully enjoy our lives now.
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Death and dying

7 thoughts on “Death and dying

  1. Hi,

    on this podcast you mention how our goal is to find out who we are, where we are from, and where we are going(or something to that effect :) ), as far as I understood. Isn’t it better to just accept that we do not really need answers to that question to become happy and quiet? If we would start looking for answers we might not be able to get them as soon as we wish, causing suffering.

  2. but I think it’s ok to ask questions about who we are’s important not to be to direct about what is right or wrong, that also creates resitance to what is so…

  3. I think one important thing that is learned from all of this thinking about death is to learn to also accept impermanence in general. Just think… if one can learn to find peace in the impermanence of one’s own existence, then surely all of life’s other changes will be a breeze! :)

  4. I guess that’s just the difference between you and me then. I just don’t see any reason to ask these questions because I do not feel they make any difference to me. Interesting to see it from your point of view though :)

  5. To some of us it does matter who we are, where we came from and what we are doing here. Eventually though we let go of that idea as we learn to see differently. When I’m speaking of these matters I’m speaking to people who are in the stage of understanding where they still believe they are separate and they are still identifying with old ways of seeing things. (Self-Identifying) What I believe is far different from that and this will surface in future podcasts. Thanks so much for your comments: I do hope that you stick around to see the outcome of this series; your comments are greatly appreciated and help shape the outcome.

    Peace and Love


  6. Accepting impermanence is one of the hardest things to do and accepting our own mortality (and the mortality of loved ones) is the ultimate in accepting impermanence. If we can accept this, we can accept anything.


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