Fear of death is simply the fear of the unknown.

All fears can be tracked back to the fear of our own demise. The death of a loved one and the death of an idea are far from being related – or are they? Do we really know what happens when we have taken our last breath here on earth? Where are our loved ones that have passed? Can we end the pain and suffering that we experience daily? Loose the fear of death and set yourself free from suffering.

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Fear of death is simply the fear of the unknown.

2 thoughts on “Fear of death is simply the fear of the unknown.

  1. I have started to listen to your podcasts and have found them very helpful. Thank you

  2. i have been listering to your podcasts for a while now and i must say that for the most part i find them to be of interest. i would like to ask you a question. one of my issues with the dharma teachings, or perhaps i should say the dharma as it is being taught through others, is that there can be a tendancy to interperate the teachings to mean that one needs, or can, withdraw for the life around oneself because it is all really a facade, a story that the mind is play on us. i know that this is simplistic but i hope you get what i am saying. particularly in the west where we are so individualist i see many people around me use the dharma teaching as a route to justify isolation for the hard realities of life, to withdraw for social justice issues and causes. please comment on this

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