Keeping sane during the fire and fury.

How do we keep sane in the midst of war, famine, flood, chaos, and fear? It’s very simple – go back to our true nature and embrace the silent stillness within. Know this, our true Self is closer than our next breath and closer than our own hearts. Our very essence is the only constant in the universe. You may be thinking, “Well what good is all that going to do me? I still have to live in the real world don’t I?” It seems so darn real doesn’t it? But it was designed with one very fatal flaw. No matter how much we have in the material world, it never seems like enough does it? No matter how much we have accomplished or collected, it will never give us all that we need. Even those that seemingly have it all still feel a void and a lack that they cannot explain. That lack is our inner being telling us something. It’s saying very quietly, “Look within.” and when we do look within we find a depth and vastness we could never have imagined. I invite you to look within right now and experience your true nature. What are you waiting for?

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Keeping sane during the fire and fury.

One thought on “Keeping sane during the fire and fury.

  1. This is true! it is possible and necessary to come back to the center of life when things get out of hand.

    This kind of focus is so important, especially when dealing with situations where people have more or less “lost it”. I have never thought of myself as the stable, voice of reason, but meditation and complete change in my perception of reality has made others perceive me in this manner. Who would have thought?

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