Is it normal to feel sadness when embarking on this path?

The ego mind uses diversionary tactics to take our attention away from our natural state of being, which is peaceful, calm and relaxed. It uses emotions, thoughts and feelings to distract us and gain our attention. Once such emotion is sadness our mourning. When sadness arises we want to fall into it and feel depressed. But when we look closely we can see that we have only followed a train of thoughts that tells us to feel bad about ourselves our or situation. What happens when we stop following the train of thoughts? We can experience peace, our natural state and that natural state needs no acceptance or understanding from the ego mind. We only need to put our attention on the silent space in between thoughts to experience it first hand. The more we embrace our inner silence the more we shake the hold that the ego has on us and the less likely we are to follow thoughts that lead to sorrow. This topic is covered in depth in the new podcast titled” Is it normal to feel sadness?”

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Is it normal to feel sadness when embarking on this path?

7 thoughts on “Is it normal to feel sadness when embarking on this path?

  1. Thanks so much for these brilliant podcasts, Robert. You began these just prior to my deciding on exploring Buddhism and I can’t tell you how much they help me. I’m so glad I stumbled onto them.

    I enjoyed this podcast and you explain it so well…so easily digested. Unlike the letter writer, I feel more anxiety than sadness with losing my ‘bratty child/ego’. It’s certainly telling me it a’int going down w/o a fight!


  2. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I just had the chance to listen to your response to my question. What a beautiful answer, and I will definitely refer back to it often.

    Oh, and Annie, if it makes you feel any better, my ego throws some anxiety in every once in a while for good measure, as well! :) Sounds like we both have a couple of heavyweights to contend with!

  3. This one has been major help for me as I transition from a “diet” mentality to a intuitive eating one. My ego/food addict is raising hello….it makes me feel like some one has died if I do not stuff myself at every dinner. And the only way I can stop the grieving is to eat, then I feel like I died or want to. It helps knowing that it’s all an allusion created to get me to do my ego’s bidding which is stuff myself so my ego/addict can survive.

  4. Hi Gail,

    Please share more about your journey if you wish. It can really help others who are struggling with this same thing.


  5. hi I enjoy your podcasts very much. I have a problem with being calm. I seem to let negative thoughts run wild in my head and it seems to get me though the day. I know I need to shut the door on the negative thoughts and focus on positive thoughts. I also find some spirtualy distructive ways to cope with the day. right now I am sad and I acually cried. My wife and 2 year old child are away for a month. the part that is disturbing is that I can not blame there absence for my feelings becasue i had the same problem before I was married. I need to find a way to be conterfull in my own skin and I then I feel I will be more usefull at work and at home

    thank you I believe your podcasts are and will help

  6. HI Corey,

    You need to just let the negative thoughts be for now, don’t try to change anything just be with your thoughts as they are, accept them totally. Then we will go form there.


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