Anger Part 3

We go deeper into our anger and it’s origins.

4 thoughts on “Anger Part 3

  1. Hi Robert:

    I’ve really enjoyed your anger podcasts. My question is about fear. How does it relate to anger? They seem to be intertwined emotions. How do you deal with fear in your life?

    I was also wondering if you have seen the movie Crash. I kept thinking about it during the Anger podcasts. It is a great example of Anger really being a pain and suffering response and that it really isn’t “who you are”. For every character in the movie, their violent outburts were seeded in a previous loss, disapointment, or injustice of some kind.

    Thanks Again,


  2. By understanding the origin of fear we can rid ourselves of it forever. Where does fear come from? Thought – remember that fear is only coming from your mind; its origin is simply a thought about something that has not happened yet. I’m not talking about a protective reaction, such as taking flight from a charging rhino, that is different that is self-preservation and reactionary.

    Anger is a reaction of self-preservation as well that is why the two seemingly relate. The only big difference is one is necessary, as in the example of running from the rhino, the other is a habitually conditioned reaction that we don’t really need. We have trained ourselves to use anger as a defensive mechanism. We must see that we are using anger as a way to defend ourselves.


  3. Thanks for getting back to me Robert. I’m finding these discussions and podcasts insightful and thought provoking.

    Take Care,


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