Anger Part 2

We go further into anger, its causes, origins and manifestations.

2 thoughts on “Anger Part 2

  1. I’m especially finding the anger podcasts helpful right now. And I do find myself stopping the anger without thinking about it. I do a lot of driving and that’s a biggie for me. There was an incident this morning where I nearly got hit head on. Someone passed a car coming in my direction at a very high speed for a residential road and nearly clipped me as it was on a blind hill. I yelled ‘stupid!’ but immediately wondered if someone driving that dangerously was very upset – maybe they’d been told their child was seriously hurt at school, or some other serious injury of a loved one…. the key is, I notice it now.

    It would be great if others would like to start a discussion on here as Robert has been suggesting.

    Great job! That’s the idea.


  2. Man, this is good stuff. I work in what some would call a stressful environment. I constantly find my self in the middle of misplaced anger, meetings that go on and on with finger pointing etc. I like to call them beatings. Listening to this series on anger probably kept me from flying off the handle and loosing my temper, possibly my job this week. Rather than join the madness and finger pointing as i have done in the past, I just listened to the drama unfold. I realized that much of the negativity we were all experiencing had little to do with “what was going on”. It was more about how each of perceived the situation RIGHT NOW and felt we had the right solution or there was no solution. I brought a little levity to the situation at probably the most inappropriate moment, but it really broke the tension and we all kind of sat back for a moment and realized we were in the same boat. My comment was “we are all in the same boat, so let’s paddle in the same direction.” It actually seemed to work. Most of these folks are higher on the food chain than I am, but have never really experienced the kind of stress I have in running my own business for 15 years. However, they each perceived this moment to be very stressful… as stressful as any that i have experienced, I am sure. Thanks to your podcasts, this pause made a potential disaster a success on some level.
    Thanks again!

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