Change is good.

Change is not only necessary but it is part of who we are. It is the nature of the universe to be impermanent and thankfully this is so, because no matter how bad it is right now we can count on the fact that it will change. Embrace the changeless being inside which is not only love, joy and bliss, but also hate, suffering and misery. Embrace all that is so because it is all us.

One thought on “Change is good.

  1. your podcasts on change and embracing every aspect of yourself have literally changed me overnight. i started listening yesterday at work and woke up this morning with the epiphany in my mind that i’m not okay DESPITE my cluttered home, lack of housework and poochy tummy…i’m ust okay. in this present moment, i’m not going to waste my time worrying about what i HAVE to do…i’m going to embrace all and change things that present themselves in a given moment as something that can be changed.


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