Anger is only a habit.

We no longer will identify ourselves with our habits, such as anger. Part one of a four part series that deals with how we look at anger.

One thought on “Anger is only a habit.

  1. Thank you for creating your podcasts. I had begun to create
    some myself, with a partner and decided to look at what else is out there. I really appreciate the gentleness and clarity with which you share your knowledge.

    Following is a paragraph from a message I received from my guidance. I believe it is similar to what you said about Anger is only a Habit.

    [Many of you do not realize that your reality is created out of what you call “habit”. The only reason you find it easier to believe in a world full of misery, danger, hunger, war, and disease is that you have gotten in the habit of doing so. Over time, your entire species has come to accept such things as “reality” and “unavoidable”. As long as you all are in the habit of believing in such a negative reality, then such a negative reality shall be yours.]



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