Four Things I Wish I Would Have Known Sooner


After almost thirty years of meditation here are four things I wish I’d known sooner.

1. Sitting without any gaining idea is priceless not trying to become anything not trying to add anything but just sitting in silent observance of all things as they come and go. Rest in your immediate experience. Through zazen, we are not gaining anything, but we are revealing our natural state, which is balanced and free from duality

2. Meditation won’t solve all your problems, it wasn’t designed to make you a more productive cog in the wheel, as a matter of fact, meditation might turn your whole world upside down. Meditation teaches us to slow down and notice our state of mind and being. Meditation may reveal that we’re not happy with our current position

3. Drop the mystical. Stop trying to have powerful mystical Visions it’s not the point most Zen folks will tell you that there is no point to meditation and that’s the point. 

4. It’s never about what you think it’s about knowing that you don’t know and have a beginner’s mind and that beginner’s mind is Limitless

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