Going into the pain, heartache and loss.

In our daily lives we have so much distraction and stimulation that we barely have the time to feel. What do I mean by feel? Feeling our pain, loss heartache, frustration anger etc. Our society is built up in a way that we don’t have the time that we need to get in touch with our emotions. ridge

  • Make time to be quiet and alone.
  • Loose the distractions by turning off the TV, phone, computer etc.
  • Find others to talk with about how you feel.

Learn how to identify the signals that you need to wind down and check in.  Anger, sadness, depression, agitation etc.  Watch for body signals as well. Backache, neck tension, jaw clenching, upset stomach.  These signals are there to remind us to check in, wind down and listen.

7 thoughts on “Going into the pain, heartache and loss.

  1. Thanks for this podcast Robert, it’s great to see you back again!

    Thank you for reminding us of this.

    my clue that I’m getting scattered: I bump into things. or I drop things. Funny, isn’t it?

    …at other times I’m quick to anger at silly situations. By that time it’s easy to feel how much I’m getting contracted

    It’s funny how when I am reluctant to go into pain, after I make a concerted effort to soften and drop down into it I end up realizing that wasn’t so bad and what the heck was I afraid of in the first place??

  2. I have been a listener only for a short time, but these poscasts are a true sanctuary for my hectic life. I know many people who will benefit from the topics. Thank you Robert!

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