Embrace All

Hello everyone!

This new podcast may seem to contradict other podcasts I have done in the past and bring up some interesting reactions from the ego/mind. I invite you to listen closely to the podcast and suspend judgment while listening. Then you will see the truth that it speaks of with more ease. Please post all comments about how you are feeling about this latest podcast here on the blog, so that we may open up the discussion to fellow listeners.


One thought on “Embrace All

  1. Regarding the contradiction to previous podcasts stating that our true self is to be found in that moment of silent bliss: are you meaning that the state of pure peace we experience is the ‘core’ of our true self and all the rest just completes the ‘self’?

    The silence is our true being and everything else is also us, the ideas, concepts and belifes are also us. It’s just important to remember that we need not identify with thoughts alone as the self. We can now identify with the silent self as well.


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