The Silent Observer

In today’s podcast we take a detailed look at the Silent Observer and learn how to put this new tool into practice for further use in our Self Honesty.

4 thoughts on “The Silent Observer

  1. Robert

    Thank you for “The Quiet Mind”. I have listened to all the podcasts thus far, and eagerly look forward to more. The topic of “acceptance” is huge for me. Mastering that alone would be a wondrous transformation.

    You are so very welcome! Thank you so much for listening and sharing your wonderful comments. I really appreciate the feedback Mike. Just remember that we are all truly masters in our own right.


  2. Robert,
    Many, many thanks for your wonderful podcasts. This is a totally new experience for me and one I am enjoying enormously. I have since October 2005 been fighting a situation I alone cannot change. I was running around banging my head against a very thick very hard wall, and feeling stressed, and anxious. Frustrated and angry I was unable to eat or sleep very well.
    I stumbled across your podcasts and have gained an inner peace and calm that feels good. I can accept that the situation will change, and in the meantime I keep my resolve but have felt uplifted and confident in my ability.
    As an unexpected bonus I have found my interaction with other people, friends and new faces, to be very different than I am used to. I surprised my self by suspending judgement quite easily, and feel a warmth both ways that I havent experienced before.
    Please keep the podcasts coming and Thank You for a wonderful journey!
    Paula xx

    Wow! What a wonderful comment! I’m so happy that what I’m doing is helping you. Congratulations on your progress and remember to give yourself a spiritual pat on the back for waking up to your true self!


  3. Hi Robert,
    I like your podcast a lot, listened through the whole series (as far as today) in a few days. Sometimes you say things I already have in my mind, but you summarize them and make them clear to me. Your short speeches help me, especially in being patient and accepting people around me. Really. :) Pls keep going on with this podcast.


    Thanks Jo
    I really appreciate the comments and I will keep it going.

  4. I’ve only just begun exploring Buddhism in general and Zen Buddhism in particular over the last month or so (finally!). All of your podcasts are right on the mark, but I felt you were speaking directly to me with this one. This really struck a chord with me. I’ve had quite a few of the moments you spoke of – I’ve called them episodes of bliss or of ‘stopping the world’ (A Castaneda term). Thank you!

    You’re welcome! They are also called Ananda and Satori as well. Imagine, that is what we truly are – bliss.


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