Happiness Now

In every moment there is the opportunity to see that your true nature is happiness. There is no need to seek for what is already yours. The treasure is within you.

  • Spend quiet time alone contemplating nothingness
  • See that you are perfect in this moment
  • Accept things as they are and be gracious
  • Change is a constant
  • Thoughts will come and go
  • You are much bigger than you know
  • Practice being still
  • The felling you have that everything is OK is not wishful thinking
  • In the morning be aware of the morning Grinch telling you that everything is miserable, you are miserable, it’s all miserable.
  • Who or what is that voice inside you?
  • Enquire, be curious and know your true Self

How to wake up

Everyone wants a clear and concise “how to wake up” method, this is impossible without the willingness of the participant to jump in and take the necessary risks to give up their old ways of thinking and seeing.

sedona rock formation

If you want to know the truth about who you really are and what this is really all about you have to be willing to give up the old methods, to reach beyond thought and thinking mind and to take the dive into the unknown.

You must ask yourself, “What do I want?” and then be willing to risk it all to have that.

So what do you want? If you want peace, happiness and serenity, what are you willing to give up to have that?

Are you willing to give up your attachment to thoughts, memories, concepts, judgements and beliefs to have peace?
Sacrifice is part of the path of no path.

You don’t have to give up everything and walk into the woods (though I’ve done that) to discover the truth, but you may have to give up trying to think your way to the truth. There comes a time when we have to leave behind our precious beliefs and open to newness.
I’m not talking about Robert’s way, I’m talking about rediscovering your own innate wisdom, happiness, and contentment that you arrived with.
I can only point to this truth and MY way means nothing at all.

All I ask of you is this -

  • Can you look deeply into your own heartmind and see that you had it all along, that nothing is broken in you and nothing needs to be fixed.
  • Your OK
  • The way to IT is simple.
  • It’s down beneath the thinking mind and it’s found in silence.

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Returning to Intimacy


Return to the one that is not touched by the circumstances of the world. The one that lives in this world but not of this world. Drop the meditator, drop the form and just sit without any rigid model. There is no reconnection or creation of an experience or paradigm, it’s ordinary and easy to do.

  • Just sit
  • Don’t try to do anything
  • Accept, accept , accept
  • Be compassionate with the mind noises
  • Invite them in for tea and cake
  • Don’t try to create a quiet mind
  • Don’t try to let go
  • Don’t try to do it right
  • Be breathed
  • No special tools required
  • No special words or prayers needed
  • Just be you.

A stillness practice does not need to be another task or your list, just sit and be there with what is and don’t resist whatever comes up. Just embrace all arising phenomenon as it is and sit with what is. You are not here to accomplish anything or get anything right,  just be and remember all thought is just thought and all pain  is arising phenomenon. Breathe and accept. Breathe and be. Breathe and return to intimacy.

Welcome to A Quiet Mind


A Quiet Mind was founded by Robert Jackson in December of 2005 with the help of a friend who suggested Robert start a podcast to help people to meditate, relax and quiet their minds. In February of 2004 Robert had a profound spiritual insight that lead him to investigate the truth or who we are, why we are here and what happens when we die. The podcasts explore all of these questions in a format that allows the listener to put into practice tools to quiet the mind and cultivate inner peace and stillness.